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Mobil APP Not Working 100% Android

Mobil APP Not Working 100% Android
« on: May 24, 2018, 12:15:01 PM »

Im using a Droid 2 Global and am able to successfully make a call. The problem is the call will not stay connected for more than around 30 seconds tops. I have done the following:
1. Uninstall - Reinstall App along with generating a new Mobile App password.
2. Restarted the Hub (just in case)
3. 2 support request from the mobile phone app interface and one call in request with no response from Ooma
4. Been testing this for over 7 days but every call ends at around 30 seconds 100% of the time
5. Tried different wi-fi connections same problem
So basically all works, but not for very long. The app has 2 other issues as well.
1. The sound quality is very metallic sounding. Def dont get the feeling of HD even when call my home Ooma phone, not even close.
2. Not all of my contacts have transfered. Only about 10% have uploaded to the phone app for some reason.
Any response from Ooma, or anyone else who has made this work on Android 2.2?

Please help

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