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Issues with iPhone 6 plus - USA

Issues with iPhone 6 plus - USA
« on: May 24, 2018, 12:11:12 PM »

I had received the watch today and in the exploring mode. I liked the interface and functionality so far. I had already used during my running and its doing its job with charm.
I did run into few issues and I am hoping to get some answers/clarifications.
1. Phone app is disabled - One of the backer from Singapore with a S model showed that the phone app is active. This enables to talk through the watch (answering calls etc). I live in the US and I see that the same app is disabled. I do see the app under settings/app/system apps but not in app tree. Is this app location specific? If not how do I activate this.
2. Android wear app for iphone is pretty basic and wanted to know if there are any apps better than this.
3. Battery drains pretty quickly. I see that it had drained 50% in about 6 hours. I understand that this is new and it may take sometime to adapt which I am hoping it will stay for atleast 24 hours.
4. Reply to texts and email is not possible even using google assistant. Is this observation correct?

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